Stefan's secret diary

Don Jan 13 16:30:14 MET 2000
  • Still up, trying to get the latest cool patches
  • for 2.2.14. It seems stable (at least on two
    overloaded ia32-SMP machines, the Alpha and Sparc).
    PPC ? Hmm, donations should go to me
Don Jan 13 17:35:14 MET 2000
  • I'm in the office since more than 26 hours (according to
    the uptime of my notebook) I did some fatals:

  • I helped Marc to bring up his Alpha, which is a replacement
    for the one he destroyed by everlasting flash sessions.

  • I'm really tired - I now use vi instead emacs at moment -
    I expect a total crash very soon.

  • Why do my VA shares go down so incredibly fast ?

  • Why does VIM use case-sensitive search by default ?

  • Why are you reading this ?

  • I really thing that I should stop working on E-TV
    unless a working driver for my DVB card is available.
    This is a bit interesting: Siemens and Convergence
    made a driver for the Siemens DVB-S card which - of
    course - does not work with my Hauppauge DVB-S card
    maybe just because the cards are totally equivalent...
    Marc has currently no time for the minor driver fixes,
    so I have to wait. Thanks Siemens, thanks Convergence.

Don Jan 13 16:30:13 MET 2000 Mistake 1: Start of my secret diary.
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